Getting ready to go small

As I start to pack the travel trailer with what I hope I all the essential cooking instruments I will need to eat with, cook with, and store my goods, I am daunted by how often I might have to visit the grocery store for supplies. I am going to be down sizing from living in a house with a small to medium kitchen to a travel trailer that is 20 feet on the outside, yet about 16 feet of living space on the inside.

I have a small 3 burner range on top of a tiny oven. So most of my cooking will be done out doors on the gas or charcoal BBQ. And sometimes on the induction burner. With very little storage space I am going to have to be crafty at keeping my shopping to the “basics” of what is just needed at the time. I can not get “carried away” by the great ad pricing as I will have no where to “stock” up.

The refrigerator is also much smaller than in my house. I have a tiny freezer that can store about 2 weeks worth of food. Only I like to make smoothies for breakfast and that will have to store my frozen fruit as well. So, learning how to make it all fit will be the challenge. This time I am not going for just a simple vacation, where storage is only for that small amount of time. I now have to plan for the extended stay.

Meal planning ahead is a weakness of mine. I have a large freezer at home and it is easy to just pick and choose each day what I will have. But no more. In tiny home living I will need to plan meals ahead of time. Plan my shopping lists according to the meal plan, and stick with it. No buying in bulk, no shopping a big box stores like Costco, no buying extra because it is on sale.

And not to mention all the recipes I have saved over the years are not designed for small life living. They do not entertain the fact someone may have no food storage or that their refrigerator is small. I have to do this for myself.

So for the next few months I will take these recipes and make them fit into my lifestyle of tiny home living. I will scale them down to fit my needs of eating for 1, but yet, make it easy to double for 2 or more. Taking the gluten-free, the good carb, the healthy eating lifestyle, and scaling it down for one.

Come along with me for the challenges ahead. For the ride.


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